The Boston Globe, NPR station WBUR, and commercial WABU-TV are providing intensive and prolonged reporting on how the campaign affects a single town--Derry, New Hampshire, near the Massachusetts border--as its voters follow the issues and the candidates and finally cast their ballots. Their coverage looks beyond the results in the voting booth to examine the anxieties that many New Hampshire residents feel about their own futures and that of their children. The project began with a poll on attitudes among Derry residents, followed by a series of feature articles and broadcasts. Between Thanksgiving and the new year, there was a series of public forums in which a panel of Derry residents questioned presidential candidates. Prior to the primary, the partnership held a town meeting broadcast on radio and television.


Don MacGillis, Community Coordinator, The Boston Globe
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Tara Murphy, Community Coordinator, WBUR-FM
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Ted O'Brien, News Director, WBUR-FM