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As of Friday, March 29, the Citizen's Election Project officially ceased to exist, as had been the plan all along. What follows is a final description of the CEP partnerships, and what the future holds in each state.

Boston: "People's Voice"

The Boston Partnership, which concentrated on the town of Derry, NH, during the primaries, will return its focus to Massachusetts and the ongoing debate over the role of government. In addition to several local congressional races, the partners will closely follow the senate race between incumbent Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican Governor William Weld. They are planning to conduct a statewide issues poll, citizen deliberation groups and candidate forums.

New Hampshire: "Voters' Voice"

The partners plan to continue their series of citizen forums. Candidates in the senate, gubernatorial and two congressional races will be invited to meet with New Hampshire citizens in small group forums. They are also entertaining the idea of sponsoring citizen-oriented debates among the candidates. "Voters' Voice" is also hoping to expand their partnership.

Iowa: "Voice of the People"

The partners will now turn their attention to the Iowa senate race in which incumbent Tom Harkin, a liberal Democrat, will face one of the three conservative Republicans currently vying for the nomination. Deb Brasier at The Quad City Times says that this contest will be a good test of the town-meeting concept and the other civic journalism tools that they used in their primary coverage.

Iowa: "Students and the Caucuses"

Stating that they have developed "a prototype for using this format" for connecting young voters with the candidates, David Yepsen of The Des Moines Register says that the partners have begun discussing how they can use student/candidate videoconferences in the upcoming general election. Yepsen cited a recent CNN story that claims "motor voter" registration will double the number of registered voters between the ages of 18 and 21 since the 1992 election. The format used in the "Students and the Caucuses" project is one way to reach out to this constituency of younger voters.

Florida: "Voices of Florida"

The partners were forced to cancel a planned March 10 candidates forum in Miami when only two of the nine candidates invited agreed to take part. Despite repeated faxes and phone calls, the Dole, Forbes and Buchanan campaigns did not respond to the invitation. The Voices of Florida partnership plans to continue their program through the general election.

California: "Voices of the Voter"

Due to the reduced number of candidates by the time of the California primary on March 26, the partners decided to cancel their plans for a candidate debate. They did collaborate on a voters' guide, with information on candidates for the judicial bench and the state legislature, that was published in the San Francisco Chronicle. The partners plan to continue their collaboration through the November election and are at work on a series on transportation issues in the Bay Area.

North Carolina

The partners are currently in the middle of a seven-week series of issues stories based on the results of a statewide poll conducted in January. Health care, education and financial security will be featured in the coming weeks. Two voter forums will give the citizens of North Carolina the opportunity to question candidates running for senate and governor in the walk-up to the May 7 primary. On April 13, the first forum will be broadcast statewide from Duke University over five commercial television stations. Voters will question the candidates in the senate Democratic primary. The winner of this primary will go on the face Senator Jesse Helm in the November election. On April 27, a second voters forum will give citizens the opportunity to question the Republican candidates in the gubernatorial primary.

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