Florida "Voices of Florida"

On the heels of the fractious debate in California over Proposition 187 in the '94 election, the Voices of Florida partnership planned a single-issue focus on immigration in its primary coverage. The partnership consists of The Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, the Tallahassee Democrat, The Florida Times-Union, The Bradenton Herald and the Florida News Network, a statewide group of eleven television stations. During the month of October, the partnership conducted a statewide poll of citizen attitudes on immigration and other issues discussed by voters during focus groups conducted by The Harwood Group. Drawing on these results, the partners questioned each of the candidates who were in Florida for "Presidence III"--the straw poll of preferences among GOP candidates held on November 17-18. A televised statewide town meeting took place prior to Super Tuesday.


John Pancake, National Editor, The Miami Herald