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Come into the Community Center and learn about the issues, find out about national and local election events, and inform your neighbors about political happenings taking place in your area.

Facts about Political Candidates: Follow the Money

Where do candidates get their money? Check out these three sites:

  • The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP)

  • The Center for Public Integrity

  • The TV Station at Democracy Place, USA

    Information about the Issues

  • Netizen
    Wired Magazine's online election project.

  • Federal Election Commission Home Page
    Find out about election regulations.

  • Vote Smart Web
    A directory of political information available on the web.

  • Civic Practices Network
    A learning collaborative for civic renewal.

  • Rock the Vote
    Young people engage in the political process through MTV's Rock The Vote

  • Policy Street
    An aggregation of think tanks and advocacy groups.

  • The Jefferson Project
    Archive of political resources.

  • Capweb
    An Unofficial Guide to the U.S. Congress.

    State/City Information

  • Find out what's going on in your state.

  • Find out who your representatives are

  • More city information

    Updated December 8, 1996

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