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New Ways to Communicate at Democracy Place!!

  • Come and put in your two cents on topics being discuss in your community at our Internet chats! Starting October 1, 1996 we'll be running weekly Internet chats.

    On Monday, May 5, 1997 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM EST

    Join poet Andrei Codrescu, co-producer of the Soundprint radio documentary, Cynic in Cyberspace, as he discusses cyberspace, the future of technology and its implications for the rest of us. Joining in the session are guests Janet Galore and Mark Long of Zombie, the virtual reality game company.
    On Thursday, May 8, 1997 from 7:00 until 8 PM EST
    Michael Lutzky, producer of the Soundprint radio documentary, A Matter of Life and Death: Assisted Suicide in Australia and the U.S, hosts this chat on the assisted suicide movements in Australia and the U.S. Joining us are guests Derek Humphrey, founder of the Hemlock Society of the U.S., and Lynda Cracknell, founding member and president of the Northern Territory Voluntary Euthanasia Society.

    To join in, you simply need access to Netscape 2.0 or above -- no special software is required. Come and be there for the discussion.

  • Telet is a very exciting new way to call in messages to us over the phone, at which point they are instantaneously encoded into RealAudio, and available for all to hear on our web page! This is a very exciting new way to communicate using the Internet, and we urge you to come check it out at the comments wall.

    Other Civic Journalism Notices

  • The Pew Center for Civic Journalism sends out a call for entries for a civic journalism award. Come see what's new at Pew, at the press club.

    Come take a look at the polling center for the results of these public opinion surveys:

    A Pew poll presents a case study of public trust and citizen engagement. Read all about it. April 18, 1997

    Top news stories from Washington are not connecting with the American people, according to the latest News Interest Index poll. A summit meeting, the growing campaign finance controversy and the legislative impasse on Capitol Hill have so far failed to stir the public. Read more. April 11, 1997

  • Press 'Unfair, Inaccurate and Pushy'
    The American Public is more critical of press practices than is was twelve years ago. This poll indicates the public's criticism of the press was offset by approval of press scrutiny of political leaders and its enjoyment of the news. Read more.
    March 21, 1997

  • Bipartisanship, Yes... Compromise, Maybe
    February 28, 1997

  • NATO expansion debate followed by only a small percentage of the American public (January 24, 1997).
  • Updated May 4,1997

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