Democracy Place

Democracy Place, USA is your town. Visit the town square to learn about the issue of the week, or check out the radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers to catch up with the rest of the news. Don't forget to stop by the barber shop to find out about current public opinions and the café to talk things over with the rest of the community.

Here are some of the hot spots in Democracy Place:

*Town Square* - featuring the Issue of the Week
*Soapbox* - meet the candidates
*Radio Station* - news and special reports from radio stations across the USA
*TV Station* - TV reports from around the country
*Newspaper Building* - articles from various local papers
*Press Club* - information exchange for journalists
*Barber Shop* - recent public opinion polls and surveys
*Community Center* - public service information and a community calendar
*Café* - join the discussions
*Mailbox* - send us your comments and suggestions

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