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Previous Weeks' Hot Issues

*January 18, 1996

Democracy Place's ace reporter, John Biewen, reports from the National Issues Convention.

*January 11, 1996

People are talking in the cafe about the budget negotiations.

*January 4, 1996

"Citizen's '96 airs this week on most PBS stations.

*December 29, 1995

Covering the Iowa caucuses.

*December 12, 1995

Senator Phil Gramm is questioned by Derry, New Hampshire residents.

*December 6, 1995

What are the residents of a small rural town in West Virginia saying about Bosnia?

*November 29, 1995

The American Dream in Derry, New Hampshire.

*November 22, 1995

Florida's Republican straw poll.

*November 10, 1995

As goes Virginia so goes the nation. It may seem a bit of a stretch, but in the days preceding the Virginia elections, Republican Governor George Allen made it clear: the upcoming vote was to be a referendum on his conservative agenda, an agenda that GOP leaders from Richmond to Washington were willing to endorse. See and hear what the voters had to say before election day. Thanks to WHRO-TV for this information.

* November 3, 1995

Juvenile Violence

The following is a community discussion guideline on the subject of juvenile violence. Our thanks to the Civic Practices Network for providing this information. This material is a continuation of a discussion topic started last week.

*October 27, 1995

What Should be Done about Juvenile Violence?

*October 20, 1995

The Search for Common Ground.

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